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Dive Sites in Vanuatu

Nautilus Scuba offers a wide range of idyllic reef and wreck dive sites only a few minutes from the base. Catering for all levels of divers, visibility generally exceeds 30 metres. We also offer night diving on both wrecks and reefs.

Dive trips are scheduled every day offering a wide choice of dive sites for all certified divers. Nautilus offers free pickups from all major resorts in Port Vila.

Nautilus Scuba operates two dive boats to provide uncrowded easy access to the dive sites. “Wild Blue” is a 9 metre Reefmaster with a top speed of 28 knots to quickly get to the further off dive sites and “Cowrie” is an extremely stable 14 metre catamaran with heaps of room and a large top deck to relax on between dives.

Twin Bommies:

This site features a sheer wall as well as two “bombora” formations riddled with grottos and alive with fish life. Depth is from 10 metres on top of the reef to over 18 metres along the dropoff.

Pango Wall/ Drift:

One of the most diverse reef plains here in Port Vila. On the out skirts of Pango Point lies an a reef’ gently slopping down into the unexplored blue, being host to anemones,  nudibranchs, mushroom coral, gorgonian fans and occasionally  hawksbill turtles and pelagic fish like yellow fin,  wahoo & barracuda. It is common to have 30-40 meters visibility on this dive. It is a stunner.

Mele Reef:

The stunning drop off teaming with colourful coral and fish life along the wall at Mele Reef rises to a depth of 6 metres perfect for an extended safety stop. The exceptional visibility and spectacular coral and fish life at this dive spot will make you want to visit this site more than once which is why we have a number of spots to choose from.


The shafts of light cascading from the ceiling into a vast cavern makes this is a particularly enchanting dive. You will swim through a chimney to enter the amazing cavern to explore the walls and enjoy the internal fish life and them exit  and head to the dive boat enjoying the amazing visibility along the sheer wall of Pango Peninsular.


The Konanda is an island trader, 45 minutes in length and deliberately sunk as a dive site in 1987 after being damaged by a cyclone. Some of the inhabitants on the Konanda include lionfish, boxfish and crocodile fish. On a sandy bottom at 26 metres the Konanda is a wreck dive for all divers to hone their dive skills. For more information on the  Konanda.pdf

Star of Russia:

This historic sailing ship was built in 1874 by Harland and Wolff (builders of the Titanic) is 80 metres in length and 13 metres in breadth. At a depth of 35 metres you can inspect the romantic shapely bow and stern, the dead eyes and rigging along the railings and the three massive masts. Enjoy your safety stop whilst watching the circling bat fish. Click here to download the pdf. Star of Russia.pdf

Semele Federsen:

The beautiful Gorgonian fans, stern area, cabins and wheelhouse of this island trader can be dived at 40 metres. The clarity of the water at this site is a feature where you can get up to 60 metres visibility. The Semele is a valuable experience as a build up to the “President Coolidge” in Santo.

Tasman Flying Boat:

Abandoned and dumped in the harbour after a mishap, the Qantas S26 Flying Boat lies in 40 metres of water. With a wingspan of 30 metres this bulky giant is waiting to be explored. Drop onto the nose, climb through the cockpit window and out the other side.

For more information on dive sites download the Dive Guide document.

PDF File Dive Guide – 122kb
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